I’ve been a huge fan of Omar Mansoor for as long as I can remember, and I am so lucky to have had a relationship with the brand for so many years. I would have loved to attend Mansoor’s SS21 show this year in London. Omar Mansoor inaugurated his 16th presence in the London Fashion week with his collection, Kintsugi. This gorgeous capsule collection primarily consists of two-piece looks which highlight multi-functionality. Mansoor’s designs are the perfect balance of girly and artful. Whenever I wear Omar Mansoor, I feel so sophisticated, while still feeling totally one of a kind. I’m so obsessed with this two-piece look that I’m wearing in today post! This outfit is especially perfect for the beginning of spring, because it provides more coverage on chilly evenings. Another reason I can’t stop wearing these shades of ivory is that they can be styled almost any way, but they always add an element of sophistication to your look. Ivory is a calming and relaxing color. As a richer and warmer variant of white, it leans more towards ideas of pureness and softness. So you should wear this color to instantly uplift your mood and melt away stress.

You can find out more about Omar Mansoor’s work here.

A big thank you to Omar Mansoor for giving me this incredible outfit.



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